STRYK 5388 FACS® “One Step System”

Flexible Anti-Corrosion System

STRYK 5388 FACS® is a novel anti-corrosion coating system that is specially engineered for protecting ferrous or iron substrates that are prone to corrosion. It is a single component or “One Step” anti-corrosion system that can be directly applied onto the based substrate without the need of zinc or chromate rich primers.

STRYK 5388 FACS® is dispersed in an AQMD exempt solvent (SCAQMD Rule 102, Group II Solvents and Rule 1113, Architectural Coatings For Metals) providing compliant protection from corrosion and other extreme environmental conditions.

Three coats (10 mils) applied on steel pole

Three coats (10 mils) applied on steel pole

STRYK 5388 FACS® demonstrates fast dry times that imparts excellent opacity and substrate wet-out on steel and other alloyed metal substrates. Upon cure it provides resistance to the damaging effects of UV radiation and air pollutants from direct outdoor exposure.

It is resistant to cracking or film fissuring caused by dimensional instability of the substrate caused by thermal expansion and contraction as well as mechanical movement, such as bending or flexing.

STRYK 5388 FACS® exhibits a high degree of impermeability to water and resistance to acidic and caustic compounds that accelerate coating failure. Comparative anti-corrosion coatings such as polyurethanes, alkyds and epoxies deteriorate upon similar chemical exposure or thermal cycling, which is the origin of most corrosion proliferation.

STRYK 5388 FACS® will adhere to most ferrous metals with proper surface preparation in accordance to NACE 2/ SSPC- SP-10 guidelines.

STRYK 5388 FACS® has a low surface tension (30 to 32 dynes/cm) and immiscibility with water makes it an excellent direct to metal coating. It will displace any ambient humidity or water molecule off the surface to be coated. This reduces the occurrence of air bubble entrapment that can cause localized and accelerated corrosion such as pitting or “flash rusting.”

During cure, the applied coating coalesces to a continuous film with excellent color opacity even at coating thickness of 0.004 inch or 4 mils. Upon cure the applied coating develops a low surface energy characteristic that is resistant to water wettability, permeation and it will not support fungal growth or bacterial colonization.

STRYK 5388 FACS® Specialty Pigment – A Novel Anti-Corrosion Pigment

The second line of defense of an anti-corrosion coating is the specialty pigments incorporated into the coating formulation. Its function in an anti-corrosion coating is as essential as the oxygen-free environment that the resin binder creates.

STRYK 5388 FACS® utilizes several non-heavy metal anti-corrosion pigments in lieu of environmentally and health hazardous zinc and toxic chromate compounds. It utilizes three methods of anti-corrosion kinetics that yields an exceptional synergistic efficacy. The key anti-corrosion pigment induces an ion exchange reaction with the metallic substrate, thus neutralizing the electrochemical process of corrosion reaction.

Next is the sub-micron and homogenous distribution of an acicular shaped mineral pigment that provides anti-corrosion performance and polymer reinforcement.

Lastly, the use of an organic pigment that provides high UV opacity lowers the binder resin’s susceptibility to free radical degradation.

This efficient combination provides the synergistic relationship between the anti-corrosion pigments and the binder resin composition.

STRYK 5388 FACS® Performance

STRYK 5388 FACS® performance comparison

Cold rolled steel panels were coated to 5 mils dry film thickness and subjected to 500 hours of cyclic salt spray exposure. The zinc rich coating showed signs of corrosion after 70 hours and the test water run off tested positive for zinc compounds.

Figure 1 illustrates the performance of STRYK 5388 FACS® over zinc rich anti-corrosion systems.

Figure 2 demonstrates the synergy of the anti-corrosion pigments. The STRYK 5388 FACS® coated panel remained corrosion free even when the coating was breached.

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