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Coastal Engineering

Steel Pole Technology

  • Having the correct hardware and wire framing in place can double, or even triple the life of your sports netting project. Coastal uses only the highest quality netting, hardware, poles and components in our systems, and will always be on the leading edge of the sports netting industry

  • Coastal’s superior steel pole technology can be engineered to be extended to greater heights at a later date without business interruptions

  • Each steel pole diameter is consistent with the engineered design to ensure extended field life for the ball barrier netting

  • Elasticity of the corrosion-retardant coating prevents the pole’s finish from cracking with pole movement caused by high winds

STRYK 5388 FACS® Corrosion-Retardant Coating

  • All steel poles are covered with STRYK 5388 FACS® (Flexible Anti-Corrosion System), the same coating used on the Alaska Pipeline

  • No fungal growth in humidity or any water-immersed environments

  • Provides resistance to damaging effects of UV radiation and air pollutants

  • Will not crack in extreme weather conditions or pole movement caused by high winds

  • Forms a solid coating to prevent corrosion or oxidation

  • Prevents corrosion even when scratched or damaged

  • Resistance to acidic or caustic compounds that accelerate coating failure


  • Netting panels are constructed to the specific height, length, and configuration of each job

  • Each panel comes with a rope border and custom wind lines sewn throughout


  • Planning, design and construction of any size netting system anywhere

  • Over 2,000 Steel Pole installations throughout North America without a structural failure

  • Built the highest netting system in North America - 180 feet tall

  • Conservative structural engineering design combined with high quality steel fabricated by certified welders assures clients of superior steel poles

  • Engineered for specific soil conditions and wind load calculations

  • Netting system designed for minimal amount of cables

  • Plans and professional structural engineering seals are available for each project Coastal undertakes

Installation and Assurance

  • Installations of Coastal Steel Poles are available by the leading netting installers throughout the United States and Canada

  • Each independent netting installation contractor is experienced, insured, and bondable

  • Estimates for installation are available at no cost or obligation

  • All netting systems are available with structural engineered drawings and calculations in all municipalities throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico

  • Complete turnkey installations by the highest qualified contractors throughout the United States and Canada

  • For clients who wish to construct their own installation Coastal will manufacture and ship netting systems with specific installation instructions. Using our engineered products will allow us to make the job as easy as possible for you.

Coastal’s Quality & Experience

  • Over 2,000 steel pole projects in North America
  • You can be assured of the best expertise and value for your investment
  • Not one Coastal steel pole has ever failed, and even survived Hurricane Katrina
  • Quality and Experience matter – Coastal Netting Systems built the highest netting project in North America - 180 feet!

The Undisputed Industry Leader