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RS-3 Carabiner

Releases netting under extreme weather conditions to prevent damage

RS-3 Reduced-Strength 5/16” 316 Stainless Steel Carabiner

This is a recently designed product by Joseph C. Engel, S.E. for the purpose of providing a releasable netting system with the intent to provide relief to the steel poles and their foundations under site-specific weather conditions.

The RS-3 Carabiner is the size of a standard 5/16” (8 mm) carabiner. It has been developed to attach errant ball containment netting to the netting support structure. Typically, it is used to attach the netting rope border to the supporting steel cables which are used in baseball and golf ball containment systems. Under unusually high winds (or other abnormal weather conditions) the RS-3 Carabiner releases allowing the net to flag in the wind and thereby reduce the wind forces delivered to the supporting structure. The RS-3 Carabiner is manufactured from 316 stainless steel in small lots. Samples from each of the numbered lots are taken and tested to failure to ensure consistent performance.

As the purpose of the RS-3 Carabiner is to release the net under certain weather conditions, the Coastal Netting Engineer will specify the spacing of the Carabiners based on anticipated weather conditions where the RS-3 Carabiner is to be installed. Depending on site-specific conditions, the installed spacing may vary between 1.0 Ft. to 4.0 Ft. on both vertical and horizontal netting support cables. Since there is a recent U.S. Patent filing, specific information shall be withheld until the Patent is granted.

RS-3 Stainless Carabiner

RS-3 Carabiner netting hardware

Coastal Netting Systems is the licensed provider and marketing company for this product.

Please contact Coastal Netting Systems with specific questions related to the RS-3 Carabiner.

Netting Comes Down At Suite Shots In Fargo

November 11, 2022 | By Kyle Cornell / WDAY News•Talk

Fargo, ND — Icy conditions and wind is responsible for taking the netting down at Fargo’s newest golf facility.

Suite Shots said in a Facebook post Thursday that the RS-3 Carabiner break-away clips operated properly, bringing the nets down to prevent severe damage. The first “break away” happened early in the winter, which means adjustments can be made so nets will survive the rest of the season.

Ownership says that the restaurant, indoor simulators, and putting green remain open while work to get the nets back up continues.