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Golf Netting Systems

Fairways • Driving Ranges • Golf Protection Structures

Protect Players & Property

Struggling with stray golf balls causing damage and safety concerns at your golf course?

Coastal Netting Systems offers custom-designed, durable netting solutions that blend seamlessly with your course. Enjoy peace of mind with our proven systems, enhancing safety and aesthetics while protecting your course’s reputation.

Coastal Netting Systems specializes in steel pole and netting systems for golf courses, country clubs, and driving ranges throughout the United States and Canada.

Our services range from pole and netting replacement, golf protection netting, to new design planning and construction. Our netting systems are engineered and designed for varying weather conditions and location, for all dimensions of the industry, from basic driving ranges in country settings to complex urban systems with high exposure. Coastal will engineer a golf range netting system specifically tailored for your needs. 

With increased proximity of housing developments and urban areas, along with the expanding performance of sports fields and participants, the need for golf ball barrier netting continues to escalate. Your golf netting containment needs call for a company who can do much more than put up a fence.

We offer our clients consultations, ball trajectory studies, netting design and custom installations. And all with quality state-of-the-art technology available today.

Schedule a call for a no-obligation free quote and allow us to put our industry expertise to work for you.

San Jose State’s $10 Million Golf Practice Facility

Learn more about the San Jose State Spartan Golf Complex project in this article from Golf Range Magazine, November 2017.

Fairway Netting

Fairway Netting is an essential part of every golf course. To protect players, home and cars the best solution is not to move or re-position the tee, but put up golf ball barrier netting. Netting and poles can be designed and colored to blend in naturally with the surrounding landscape to keep the feel of the course consistent.

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The World’s Largest Golf Netting Project

Los Lagos Golf Course, San Jose, California

World’s Largest Golf Netting Installation

World’s Largest Golf Netting Installation flyer

Coastal steel poles ranging in height from 60 to 140 feet was engineered and manufactured by Coastal Netting Systems for Los Lagos Golf Course in San Jose, California. Judge Netting was the installation contractor.

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Driving Range Netting

Coastal will engineer a golf range netting system specifically tailored for your needs. We specialize in design and construction of netting systems for all dimensions of the industry, from a basic driving range in a country setting to a complex urban system with high exposure.

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Golf Protection Structures

Our Golf Protection systems are designed for parking lots or other areas near golf courses or driving ranges, to protect members and vehicles.

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Golf Netting Systems

  • Quality, protective, custom barrier netting for driving ranges, golf course fairways, enclosed practice areas and cages

  • Netting panels are constructed to the specific height, length and configuration of each project

  • Each netting panel comes with a rope border and custom wind lines sewn throughout the netting

  • Netting and poles can be designed and colored to blend in naturally with the surrounding landscape, keeping the feel of your course consistent

  • Licensed engineering in all 50 states and Canadian province

  • Complete turnkey installations by the highest qualified contractors

Protect players, buildings, homes and cars

Ball Trajectory Studies

Golf Ball Trajectory Studies

Golf Ball Trajectory Studies flyer

Ball trajectory studies ensure your netting system is both efficient and effective, protecting what matters most while enhancing the overall experience for everyone involved.

Enhanced Safety: By predicting where balls are likely to go, you can design a netting system that effectively prevents stray balls from causing harm to people and property.

Improved Design Precision: Ball trajectory studies allow for precise engineering of netting systems, ensuring they are neither overbuilt nor underbuilt.

Cost Efficiency: By accurately predicting ball paths, you can strategically place nets only where needed, reducing material and installation costs without compromising safety.

Enhanced Player and Spectator Experience: Well-designed netting systems that are based on trajectory studies improve the overall experience by providing optimal protection without obstructing views or interfering with the game.

Why Ball Trajectory Studies Matter

  • A scratch golfer hits an average of 12 greens in regulation, 81% of the fairways, has 29.0 putts, 3.2 birdies per round and 11.8 pars per round
  • A golfer that averages a score of 85 hits 5 greens in regulation, 46% of fairways, has 33.7 total putts, 0.8 birdies per round, and 6.6 pars
  • A golfer that averages a score of 100 hits 0 greens in regulation, 11% of fairways, has 38.3 putts, 0 birdies, and 1.3 pars

Coastal Netting uses Dave Tanner/Tanner Consulting Group exclusively due to his professional presentation including color drawings reflecting various clubs and club swing speeds. Dave has testified as an expert witness in many cases related to errant golf balls and I have seen him provide excellent support. Our company has used several ball trajectory experts in the past but we have used Dave Tanner for the past 12 years with great success. Our endeavor is to stay out of court and not hurt anyone or anything with errant golf balls.”

Ken Jones, President, Coastal Netting Systems

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Ball Trajectory Studies

  • Valuable with increased proximity of housing and business developements close to urban area golf courses, baseball stadiums and other sports facilities

  • Trajectory studies are provided by Tanner Consulting Group, an independent company and leader in golf, sport’s field, land planning, design and consulting services

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