Armor Ball™ High Performance Floating Cover

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Armor Ball™ High Performance Floating Cover

Efficient. Yet affordable.

Armor Ball™ hollow ball cover systems by Advanced Water Treatment Technologies, Inc. offer highly effective solutions to problematic liquid storage systems such as municipal and industrial wastewater, treatment processing plants, metal and petrochemical plants, leachate, airports, raw water reservoirs and other applications for heat retention and waterfowl deterrent.

Armor Ball™ High Performance Floating Cover

Armor Ball™ High Performance Floating Cover

High surface area coverage is achieved by placing a sufficient amount of balls on the surface of the liquid. The balls arrange themselves to provide coverage of up to 91%. The result is a thermal insulation barrier which combines the insulation factor of the air held in each ball with the poor heat conductivity of plastic. While the air pockets between the balls are not sealed, they also contribute to this insulation system, which dramatically reduces heat loss and light transfer. The cover also reduces liquid loss through evaporation and prevents odor problems.

The Armor Ball™ barrier, contrary to standard covers, does not represent an obstacle to static, moving or dipping equipment. The balls can be easily pushed aside and the cover reforms itself as the basin and obstacles change configuration, as in a clarifier. In fact, the balls will keep up with liquid level, rising, lowering and restacking themselves as needed.

Armor Balls™ are also an effective wildlife deterrent. When entirely covered, the body of water becomes unattractive to waterfowl and other wildlife such as deer. They simply don’t recognize it as water.

Compared to netting, Armor Balls™ are not sensitive to ice or snow damage and do not require any kind of support.

Armor Ball™ Modular Cover vs.Solid Cover
Automatic adaptation to level changes
Fits to all shapes and geometries
Free and unlimited access to the liquid
Immune to tear
No maintenance cost
No insurance cost
No vegetation growth on top
Unaffected by rain, snow and frost
Installation on both full and empty ponds
Environment friendly–manufactured of 100% recycled plastic
Warranty 10 Years 5-10 Years
Life expectancy 25 Years 6-10 Years

Armor Ball™ technical data

Armor Ball™ is made of virgin or recycled, high density polyethylene HDPE. Armor Balls™ are widely used for all external applications due to their particular resistance to freezing and high wind conditions. The degrading effects of sunlight are prevented with UV stabilizing additives.

HDPE is recommended for most applications including demineralized water and Chromic acid applications. FDA (3) and NSF approved HDPE resins available for special applications.

Description – Hollow Reinforced Shaded Balls

Construction 100% homogenous HDPE shell (no plugs or seals)
Diameter 100 mm (4 inches)
Average total weight (dry) 45g
Number per sq. ft 10
Number per square meter 116
Operating temperature range (1) -50˚C / + 80 ˚C
Projected Life Expectancy 25+ years

Resin & Ballast Properties (1)(2)

Shell Material High Density Blow Molding polyethylene
Melt Flow Index (190˚C/2.16 kg) 0.35
Density 0.955
Melting Point, ˚F 264
Tensile Strength (PSI) 4000
Elongation at Break, % 600
Flexure Modulus (PSI) 200,000
Life Expectancy 25+ years

(1) Data developed under laboratory conditions.
(2) Some of the data listed was determined on compression molded specimens and may, therefore, vary from specimen taken from molded articles.
(3) Complies with FDA 21 CFR § 177.1520, Para. (c) 2.1 and 2.

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