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Sports Netting Systems

Baseball • Tennis • Soccer

Assure Your Property’s Safety & Aesthetics

Struggling to balance safety and aesthetics at your sports facility?

Coastal Netting Systems delivers custom-designed, high-quality netting systems for baseball, tennis, and soccer that protect your property and keep it looking its best.

Sports Netting Brochure

Coastal Sports Netting Brochure cover

Coastal specializes in design, manufacturing, construction and installation of Sports Netting Systems for all dimensions of the industry: From country settings, to complex urban systems with high exposure and heavy traffic use.

Whatever the sport – whether indoors or out – our customized netting systems will keep your property safe and aesthetically appealing. Coastal provides a full array of sports nets, specializing in baseball netting, tennis court netting, and soccer field netting.

With increased proximity of housing developments and urban areas, along with the expanding performance of sports fields and participants, the need for sports ball barrier netting continues to escalate. Your sports netting containment needs call for a company who can do much more than put up a fence.

We offer our clients consultations, ball trajectory studies, netting design and custom installations. And all with quality state-of-the-art technology available today.

Installation and Assurance

Complete turnkey installations by the highest qualified contractors throughout the entire United States and Canada.

We offer qualified, licensed engineering in all 50 states and Canadian Provinces.

With thousands of steel pole projects in North America you can be assured of the best expertise and value for your investment. 

Quality matters.

Having the correct hardware and wire framing in place can double, or even triple the life of your sports netting project. Coastal uses only the highest quality netting, hardware, poles and components in our systems, and will always be on the leading edge of the sports netting industry.

  • Conservative structural engineering design combined with high quality steel fabricated by certified welders assures our clients of superior steel poles.
  • All steel poles are protected with STRYK 5388 FACS® corrosion retardant coating; the same coating used on the Alaskan Pipeline.
  • Each steel pole diameter is consistent with the engineered design to ensure extended field life for the ball barrier netting.
  • Coastal’s superior steel pole technology can be engineered to be extended to greater heights at a later date without business interruptions.
  • Our netting systems are designed for the minimal amount of cables needed.
  • Plans and professional structural engineering seals are available for each project Coastal undertakes.
  • Not one Coastal Steel Pole has ever failed, and even survived Hurricane Katrina.
  • Coastal Netting Systems built the highest netting project in North America - 180 FT!

Sports Netting Systems

  • Quality, protective, custom barrier netting for baseball and soccer fields, tennis courts and golf cages

  • Netting panels are constructed to the specific height, length and configuration of each project

  • Each netting panel comes with a rope border and custom wind lines sewn throughout the netting

  • Netting and poles can be designed and colored to blend in naturally with the surrounding landscape, keeping the feel of your sports facility consistent

Protect Players & Property

Call us today for a free consultation and project estimate and join the winners with your sports netting system.

Baseball Netting

Coastal Baseball Netting Systems Flyer

Coastal Baseball Netting Systems Flyer

Applying the same techniques used in the golf industry, Coastal is also provides baseball netting systems. Coastal has experience with angled backstop netting, foul ball netting, and outfield netting systems. The large mesh size of the netting along with clear spans of up to 60 feet between posts provides an unobstructed and safe view of the game.

The ability to install netting at greater heights makes baseball netting much more effective than conventional chain link backstops or horizontal netting in keeping errant balls from reaching spectators.

Often baseball fields are located along roadways, highways, or parking lots where ball containment is not only desirable, but necessary for safety and liability risk management. Coastal has designed and installed some of the largest facilities in the US and Canada.

  • From Little League, to scholastic and professional facilities, we’re here to meet your baseball application requirements
  • We can help you find a cost-effective, quality solution for protective training facilities, grandstand protection/screens as well as foul line/home run barriers
  • Netting panels are constructed to the specific height and configuration of each client project
  • Turn-key netting solutions for your baseball or sports field project with design and installation from our experienced staff, crews and consulting

Outdoor/Indoor Batting & Training Facilities

Both outdoor and indoor training facilities are becoming more in demand and a very popular business model. Coastal has designed, manufactured and installed some of the largest facilities in the US and Canada.

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World’s Largest Baseball Safety Netting System

Big League Dreams Sports Park in Las Vegas, Nevada

World’s Largest Baseball Netting System

World’s Largest Baseball Netting System Flyer

Big League Dreams Baseball Barrier Netting Systems were designed and installed by NETServices in conjunction with Coastal Netting Systems and Engel & Company, Structural Engineers.

Coastal provided the steel poles, and Engel provided structural engineering to facilitate the delivery of 150 steel poles designed to support nearly 400,000 S/F of netting (a total of 6,500 L/F).

NETServices’ crews installed 150 steel poles within a 7 day period, maintaining a demanding construction schedule that was executed flawlessly.

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Baseball Netting Systems

  • Engineered for specific wind load calculations and soil conditions

  • More effective than conventional chain link backstops

  • Eliminates need for horizontal netting over grandstands

  • Netting is made of high-tenacity polyester with a field life exceeding 10 years

  • Complete turnkey installations available by highest qualified contractors

  • Preserve a safe and unobstructed view of the game

  • Over 400 baseball netting projects across the country

Join the Winners with your Sports Netting System

Tennis Netting

Coastal Netting Systems offers reliable tennis netting solutions designed to ensure optimal play conditions and safety for both players and spectators. Netting panels can be installed to any height needed to contain 100% of all errant tennis balls. In addition, we can provide privacy with high-quality open mesh or visual screen fabric. Coastal delivers durable and effective netting systems that meet the unique demands of your tennis courts.

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Soccer Netting

Coastal Netting Systems delivers premier soccer field netting solutions that ensure the safety of players and spectators, maintain game flow, and protect surrounding property with durable, high-quality materials.

Our comprehensive, turnkey service includes expert consultation, precise ball trajectory studies, and custom installations – all designed to exceed your expectations for both performance and budget.

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